**Updated March 20, 2020

Below is the latest information for all Sam Fox School students items you may have left in your studios. We want to reiterate that we know this is a challenging time, and we are committed to supporting you during this unprecedented transition.  

Can I come to studio to studio to work or to get my things?
No. Students are not permitted to enter, work, or gather in any Sam Fox School buildings at this time. The buildings are on restricted card access. We recognize this is inconvenient and challenging, but it is necessary for the health and safety of our community under these extraordinary circumstances. 

I left items in my studio. How do I get them? 
During spring break, our staff worked to address requests to ship items that were critical to supporting online, at-home instruction. As of March 20, we are no longer able to pack and ship items to you that were left in the buildings. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please consult with you program coordinator if you have a specific concern related to items in your studio:

Can you ship me my work? 
We are not able to ship your work to you at this time—only the tools and materials necessary for the rest of the semester.

What about the security of things that are left in the buildings?
The buildings are on extremely limited card access, so your belongings are very secure. 

I left things in my dorm room—what about that stuff?
Residential Life is coordinating the effort to return your belongings to you from the residence halls. The Sam Fox School won’t be handling these arrangements. ResLife sent out a detailed communication about the process for working with them. Please contact the call center with questions: 314-935-8300 or 888-319-3527.

Who is going to pay for shipping all my things?
The university will cover the expense of packing and shipping students’ belongings.

What happens after April 30, especially if I am graduating? 
We will continue to provide updates as we move forward and have a better understanding of the landscape in the coming weeks. We can assure you that we are weighing options and will find a way to work with students to address the situation.