We are very pleased to announce the agreement with Adobe Creative Cloud that significantly lowers the annual license cost. All Sam Fox School automatically are provided the license and are billed for it. For non-Sam Fox students, you have to be taking a class at the school to request purchasing it at this link.  If you need assistance follow the FAQ’s below.

If you have a question about your license or any other concern not stated in the FAQ please contact Richard Viehmann at

What does the email look like that I received to activate Adobe?

You will receive an email from “” that will give you access to the WUSLT Adobe license. The email will go to your WashU email. The email will look like the image below. It will include a link that sends you to “Get Started” by creating an account using your WashU email. Remember that if you already have an account under your person email, you will have to cancel that. Please see the other FAQ’s listed here.

Do I need to cancel my current membership with Adobe or is it automaticaly done for me?

If you already have a license as a new students, you need to go into your settings and cancel it. Because the school will issue you one, you need to cancel the current one you are on. Adobe will not do it automatically because the one you are on is being paid directly by you. The new one through the School/Washington University is a separate agreement that you will be enrolled in.

Can I cancel my current membership if I just purchased it from directly from Adobe?

Yes. Visit this link at Adobe for additional information. You may need to speak directly with customer service. We encourage you to be specific with customer service that you are continuing to use the product, but that you are doing so under a school agreement that is still paying for the license.

Can I opt out of the Sam Fox School provided Adobe CC license?


Will the Sam Fox School provided Adobe CC license include all the Apps?

Yes, all the Apps are part of this program. Visit to see the list of all Apps that are part of the program.

From what to what date is Sam Fox School provided Adobe CC license?

Licenses will begin and renew each year on the day you were issued the license. This will be from approximately August to August.

If I graduate before the 1-year license is over, can I can keep the license through the end of the license year?

If an individual ceases to be a student during the license term, such individual must de-install its copy of the products and services and cease usage.

How can I buy a license if I am not at the Sam Fox School?

If you are taking a class at the Sam Fox School you can request a license by filling the form at this link for the 2023-2024 year.

Other schools offering this students are A&S and Brown School. Please contact the IT administrators at the those schools for support.

How much does it cost?

$56.50 per year. This is a significant discount to the annual retail cost that is over $200 – $600 depending on your year.