Faculty Training for Online Teaching

Instructor: Haley N. Dolosic, PhD
Dates: July 13 – July 31
Meeting Times: Asynchronous via Canvas with one optional synchronous zoom meeting
Time Commitment: Average is 7 hours per week (more depending on Canvas needs)
Capacity: 15 participants (Additional sections/dates may be added depending on demand)
Registration: Link to registration

Note: This course is based off of one taught in University College with minor modifications made to address Sam Fox School faculty and courses.


This course is intended to provide Sam Fox School faculty, as subject matter experts, training in execution of a course in an online teaching format as opposed to hybrid or hyflex approaches. This fully online training will help faculty prepare an online course for students, in addition to familiarizing them with best practices and teaching tips, tricks, and tools.

Over three weeks we will work together to explore principles and best practices of online teaching and learning. The training course assumes a very practical approach as you begin to consider how to convert your traditional, face-to-face course or develop an entirely new course as an online course within the Canvas environment.

Your participation in this training will not only orient you to online teaching, but it will also simulate the student experience—valuable information as you create an online course. More specifically, you will have the opportunity to create and participate in discussions, create and submit assignments, create an online gradebook, and interact with other Canvas tools. You will be part of an online learning community, working with other faculty members to explore online learning, share ideas, and support each other!