Technology Support

Help Via Email

Due to the high volume of request to WashU IT’s and at the 933-3333 number please follow these protocols for technology support for the few weeks. You can still contact WashU IT but please put a word in the subject line to help rout the help request to appropriate personnel. Such as help with “Zoom” or “DUO” or “Wustl Key Reset.”

That said you can also contact the following people directly before contacting the above and we can direct you to the appropriate people or back to WashU IT if critical.

Help with software use noted below plus installations, internet connectivity or any other IT related questions contact:
Richard Viehmann (Canvas, Zoom, Teams, Adobe, VPN, for Art & Architecture)
Bob Chekoudjian (Canvas, Zoom, Teams, Adobe, VPN, for Art & Architecture)

Help via Microsoft Teams

The Sam Fox School has two public Microsoft Teams available for questions. These are public threads that you can post questions at and our team will respond. If you are unable to connect to Microsoft Team them please contact Richard Viehmann. More info about using Microsoft Teams is at this link.

Faculty/TA Help: Fox Online Teaching is at this link.

Student Help: Fox Technology Help is at this link.