AIAS Up-Cycling Program

The up-cycled materials are housed on third floor Givens. There are some rules for this program, just to make sure it runs efficiently. We appreciate your interest and help in making Sam Fox a more sustainable school. 

Please make sure not to wipe out the materials!

This initiative is trying to provide everyone with the opportunity to grab a few materials. If one person monopolizes the materials, then it won’t be beneficial to all the students. 5 or less Items Per Person Each Week! 

Please make sure to keep it organized.

The Sustainability Committee will be making sure it is kept orderly throughout the semester, but anyone who utilizes it is also responsible to make sure they leave it as organized as they find it.  
For example, if you look through the foam core and take out pieces of foam core that you don’t need put it back with the other foam core. All the materials will be ordered, so just be mindful! 

Feel free to make donations throughout the semester!

There will be a designated bin to put donations in throughout the semester if you are ready to discard a material that can be upcycled. Please don’t put it into the materials that have already been sorted through. It is up to the Sustainability Committee to vet any donations before they are put with all the other materials. 

Contact the Sustainability Committee through the chair Bette Dunn via email: