BOX File Storage

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Students, faculty, and staff are provided with a Box storage account for saving and backing up files.

You can find additional information and log in with your WUSTL ID at Login to WUSTL Box.


Important for Faculty and Staff:

When using Box for your classes/studios/sections, please make yourself the OWNER of the top-level folder. A common issue is that TAs are creating the folder structure on Box for a class, and by default they become the “owners” of that folder and everything under it. If you don’t have ownership or co-ownership of the top-level folder for your class or studio, then everything will disappear when that student leaves the University and their Box account is closed.

The best practice is for you to create a top-level folder for each class/studio/section you teach. Then, add your TAs as “editors” to the top-level folder. This allows them to create, add, and move items within that folder and all folders nested under it.

If you also wish them to also manage folder access, you can make them a “co-owner.” Make sure that you are at least a co-owner of any folders you wish to retain from year to year. Ownership or co-ownership will prevent the folder and its contents from disappearing after the student leaves the University.