Class Software for Lab Computer

Lab computers can have software installed on them for a unique classes. Please follow these instructions to make sure you are set for you class.

Critical Considerations:
If the software you need is unique to your program area or class and there is a cost for the software, you will need to provide the account number that is to be charged for the software. 

Step1: Request software installation six weeks in advance of your class. Sam Fox School IT does not do the install, WashU IT does now. WashU IT will need time to secure the software and install it.

Step 2: Identify the lab you want. The following are your options and the amount of computers in the room:

  • Whitaker Learning Lab 040A: 18 Computers total and one AV system that has a dedicated computer (19 total computers).
  • Whitaker Learning Lab 040L: 16 Computers total and one AV system that has a dedicated computer (17 total computers).
  • Steinberg Room 203/203A: 12 Computers total and one AV projector (The projector has to connect to one of the lab computers or can connect to a laptop.)
  • Note that there are a few other classrooms that have computers, however they typically only have basic software installed.

Step 3: List the software you need. Please be as specific as possible for where to buy it and or what the price should be.

Step 4: Email this above details to Once you receive and Incident Number email, please forward that to Richard Viehmann at An Incident Number looks like this “INC1234567”.

Your request will not be initiated or completed unless you have an Incident Number associated with the request. The Incident Number is what allow WashU IT to track and communicate with you the status of the request.

Step 5: Once WashU IT has completed the request you will receive a response saying the Incident Number was resolved. Make sure to check that the software and its configuration is in keeping with your request. The Incident Number will be close after three days. You can open a new one if there are issues with the software.