Digital Fabrication

The Sam Fox School’s digital fabrication lab supports studio and coursework assignments, as well as independent research projects conducted by students and faculty.

The lab features fully equipped facilities for building models and fabricating prototypes. Students work with a wide variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and paper products. Beyond the fabricating equipment and tools typically found in wood and metal shops, the School’s equipment includes laser cutters, three-axis CNC routers, and plastic 3-D printers.


In order to use the lab, students, faculty and staff must complete appropriate training here



Equipment includes:
3 Universal Laser Cutters: 18″ x 32″

Four 3-D Printers
2 Prusa
4 Ultimaker S3

1 Axyz, three-axis CNC router 1HP spindle and 7-position tool changer, 96″ x 60″ x 12″

1 Artec Leo 3D scanner

Scheduling Time on the Laser Cutters
Click the link below each lasercutter to check its availability.

Webpage View: SAMFOX. LaserCutterOne
ICS Calendar Link: SAMFOX LaserCutterOne

Webpage View: SAMFOX. LaserCutterTwo
ICS Calendar Link: SAMFOX LaserCutterTwo

Webpage View: SAMFOX. LaserCutterThree
ICS Calendar Link: SAMFOX LaserCutterThree

To make an appointment, use your wustl email to access one of the lasercutter calendars:

  1. Log into OWA using your wustlkey.
  2. In the lower left hand corner, click the Calendar icon.
  3. On the top bar click Add Calendar and from the drop down list click From Directory:.
  4. Under From Directory:, enter the name of the lasercutter calendar you would like to schedule time with. Click OK, and you should be able to view the calendar.
  5. When adding an event to the calendar please be sure the correct calendar is selected in the Save To Calendar section.

3D printing is scheduled on a first come first served basis