Depending on your needs, various areas at the school/university have digital equipment available. These include screens, cameras, tripods, lights, projects, and various other tools.

CTC Mini
The Creative Technology Center Mini (CTC Mini) is a technology equipment resource for the Sam Fox School community. Students, faculty, and staff can check out items including video cameras, tripods, lights, projectors, and other miscellaneous items for video capture. A list of items and their availability can be found at this link.

Check out/in location:
Whitaker Learning Lab

Check out times for Fall 2020 are still not available due to having to hire a monitor to manage the equipment check in and check out.

Equipment can be checked out for seven days at a time. To renew, you must return to the Whitaker Lab and have the monitor check out the equipment again. You must present a valid University ID upon check out/in. Any damage or loss of the equipment is your responsibility and may incur costs upon return. Equipment is checked out in working condition. Additional batteries and/or charging needed while the equipment is in your possession is your responsibility. Some equipment may need to be charged upon checkout. All iPad/iPods will be reset to factory settings upon return. Any equipment checked out needs to be picked up and dropped off at the Whitaker Lab during lab hours by the same individual.

Art & Architecture Library
The Art & Architecture library has two Canon VIXIA HF R42 HD 32x Optical Zoom Camcorder Model ID0019. These are available for checkout at the front desk. To check availability in advance, search the catalog (Title = video camera).

Olin Library
The Olin Library has a service for checking out laptops, cameras, and other equipment. Please check at the front desk for information. You can also see a list of available equipment online.

Harvey Media Center
The Angel and Paul Harvey Media Center is a state-of-the-art media facility established to educate and empower the Washington University community to tell their stories through media. The Center includes an A/V Post Production Studio and various other resources you can book through their site.

Other Resources
Additional labs and equipment are available across the university. Arts & Sciences Creative Lab and the Arts & Sciences Computing Lab have a number of work stations and scanners, as well as production equipment. Many of the residential halls at the South 40 also have computers and software available.