IT Help Desk Ticket

Sam Fox School IT primarily supports Audio Visual (AV) and Printing. However, we work with WashU IT and Student Technology Services to help in all situations.

Call 314-933-3333 or email to submit questions or issues. You can also go directly to the IT help desk system called ServiceNow to submit a ticket (see instructions below). A technology specialist will respond or direct you to the appropriate resource.

If you just want to submit a printing refund request, go to this link.

How do I submit an IT help desk ticket?

Review a PDF version at this link for step by step instructions.

Review the same instructions below:

Step 1
Go to and click on Login with WUSTL Key.

Step 2
Once you are logged in you will see a self service page. You want click on Report a Technology Issue.

Step 3
When you click on the Report a Technology issue you will get this page. Please fill out the three areas referencing the device number (If you are a faculty or are using a lab computer the number is on the pedestal below the screen or on the back), a short description and all the information about the problem you are having. Once you do this hit submit and it will file the ticket. You should receive an email once the ticket is registered in the system.

*Indicate that you are with Sam Fox School in the notes.

Step 4
You will receive an email notification like this when the ticket is filed. You will also receive an email when the ticket is updated. The new information may be someone requesting more information about what you filed in the ticket. You can reply to this request directly via email or go back to the help desk site to add responses.

Note 1
If you go back to the self-service site click on My Tickets and you will see the tickets you have open. If you click on a ticket you can add comments and select update. This will update the system and notify who is working on your ticket.

Note 1
Make sure that when updating a ticket to include comments and click on “Update” when done.

For what types of situations should I submit a help desk ticket?

Contact us if:

  • If you want to request a printing refund (detailed instructions at this link).
  • A printer is out of ink, paper, or there is an error message.
  • You want to install printer drivers and are unsure how to do so.
  • A classroom AV projector is not working or the bulb is broken.
  • You are unable to make an internet connection.
  • You are having issues with your computer.
  • You can not log in with your Wustl Key user name and pass word.
  • Any other IT related question.

What are some important things to do when submitting a help desk ticket?

  • Tell us where you are in the buildings.
  • If your request involves a printer, tell us where the printer is located by noting the room number or the printer name.
  • If it is a computer in a lab, note the number of the computer which is on pedestal of the computer. Include all numbers if there is more then one.
  • Make sure to respond to the questions in each ticket.

What if I just want a printing refund?

If you want to request a printing refund for the instructions at this link.

What if I just want to meet with someone in person?

You should still submit a help desk ticket. Calling 933-3333 can also often resolve or direct you to the appropriate technician.

However our Sam Fox School IT team is always willing to take walk in meetings. Our team is located in the Whitaker Learning Lab and will help when available and not meeting with others. If you think your concern might take long you can request some time to meet. Student Technology Services will also support student walk in’s on the South 40.