Posting Guidelines for Printed Material

The Sam Fox School values opportunities for members of our community to share information and ideas. Please adhere to the following guidelines for posting printed material.

For the purpose of these guidelines, Sam Fox School buildings include the interiors and exteriors of:

  • Bixby Hall
  • Givens Hall
  • Steinberg Hall
  • Walker Hall
  • Weil Hall
  • Whitaker Lab

The Kemper Art Museum, the Department of Art History and Archaeology (part of Arts & Sciences), and the Art and Architecture Library (part of University Libraries) will maintain separate posting locations and policies.

Community Posting Locations

In alignment with Washington University’s Danforth Campus Facilities Access and Advertising Policy, the school has designated community posting areas. These areas are clearly marked with signage noting “Community Posting Location.” Materials posted in these locations will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All posted materials will clearly state:
    • the registered student organization, WashU department, or individual WashU student or employee who is posting the material; contact information for the sponsoring organization or individual in the form of a website, social media handle, or phone number;
    • the title and date of any events that are being promoted.
  • Include no content that is deemed defamatory, pornographic, discriminatory or otherwise in violation of university policies, including the University Discrimination and Harassment Policy and the University Student Conduct Code.
  • Postings may not include references to alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs.
  • Content will only be posted with blue painters’ tape or push pins (on pin up walls). For push pins or blue tape, please see the Bixby, Givens, and/or Weil Administrative offices.
  • Material will be 11” x 17” or smaller; please see the Dean’s Office in Weil 105 to review/approve exceptions.
  • Only one copy of any flyer/sign will be posted in a single posting location.
  • The Sam Fox School will remove and recycle out-of-date and duplicate postings approximately once a week, and the School will clear community posting locations each month, typically on the last Friday of the month.
  • Individuals or groups seeking guidance on whether or not specific posters, flyers, or other printed notices meet University and School guidelines may contact the Dean’s Suite Coordinator in Weil 105.
  • All students, faculty and staff are expected to respect the materials posted by other organizations and individuals. Removing, posting or writing over, deleting, or erasing other active postings is disrespectful.
Sam Fox School Administration Posting Locations

The Sam Fox School has additional posting areas that are intended solely for Sam Fox School administrative and academic use. These areas will be clearly identified and reserved for Sam Fox School administrative and academic content.

Display/Exhibition of Creative Work

The posting guidelines above do not apply to the display or exhibition of creative work. Studio instructors will provide guidance on where and how you may exhibit creative work within studios and classroom areas. Public spaces outside of studios and classrooms will need approval from the Director of Facilities and the Dean’s office to ensure protocols are followed.

Materials not in Compliance

Any posted materials not adhering to school and university policy guidelines will be removed. Postings that violate the University Discrimination and Harassment Policy or the Student Code of Conduct may subject the distributor and/or organization to disciplinary action. Please note that chalking is not allowed on Sam Fox School buildings, walls, trees, covered sidewalks, or any other surface.

Approved Posting Locations

Posters, flyers, and other printed notices are permitted only on designated posting locations. Permitted posting locations are found in each Sam Fox School building; community posting locations will be clearly marked. Prohibited locations for postings include, but are not limited to: windows, doors and doorways, critique spaces, classrooms and studios, restroom interior spaces, trees, lampposts, and benches.

Weil Hall

Community Posting Locations:

  • Lower, First, Second, Third Levels: walls on left of restrooms near staircase.

Sam Fox School Administration Posting Location:

  • First Level: wall on the left of the restrooms near staircase.

Givens Hall

Community Posting Locations:

  • Lower Level: bulletin boards on either side of the central staircase
  • First Level: bulletin board near faculty office #108; bulletin board above water fountain near restrooms
  • Third Level: bulletin board above water fountain; bulletin board above copier

Sam Fox School Administration Posting / College of Architecture Posting Location:

  • First Level: bulletin board to the left of bathrooms

Steinberg Hall

Community Posting Locations:

  • Lower Level: bulletin board to the left of the water fountains across the hall from Career Services Office; bulletin board near Steinberg/Bixby passageway
  • Second Level: wall facing printers in Communication Design Studios (next to #214)

Sam Fox School Administration Posting Locations:

  • Lower Level: bulletin board facing Steinberg/Bixby passageway

Bixby Hall

Community Posting Locations:

  • Lower Level: whiteboard facing Bixby/Walker passageway
  • First Level: wall above fountain and printer across from Island Press (#116)
  • Second Level: bulletin boards by Bixby Shop entrance

Sam Fox School Administration Posting Locations:

  • Lower Level: bulletin boards in Bixby/Walker passageway

Walker Hall

Community Posting Locations:

  • Lower Level: wall between restrooms facing elevator entrance
  • First Level: wall of the interior staircase near main door to Walker
  • Second Level: wall adjacent to elevator; wall above copier machine

Sam Fox School Administration Posting Locations:

  • Second Level: bulletin board on wall of faculty office #202

Looking to share your flyer digitally? All digital flyers must meet the content requirements outlined in the “Community Posting Locations” section above. Click here for the Sam Fox School Digital Display Request Form.