Safety and Injury Reporting Policy

 Last updated: March 2024 


All injuries and safety incidents occurring on Washington University property, including Sam Fox School spaces, or during off-site school sponsored activities must be reported to Washington University (WU) according to the following guidelines. Kemper Art Museum has separate guidelines regarding museum patrons. 

Please note the reporting guidelines should be followed only after WUPD (314-935-5555) has been contacted and immediate needs addressed. 


The reporting of injuries is the responsibility of the individual employee involved. When the individual employee is unable to report the injury, reporting should be coordinated with the Sam Fox manager, faculty, or staff in-charge during the incident. When visitors or students are involved in a safety incident, the responsibility for reporting falls to the Sam Fox manager, faculty, or staff in-charge during the incident. 

WU police and emergency medical personnel will complete their own investigation and documentation that is HIPAA compliant. They will not complete the required WU forms below. 

Faculty, Staff, or Employed Student Injuries

Sam Fox employees, including student workers, injured during employment (TAs, shop monitors, etc.) must report injuries directly in Workday using the Safety Incident task.

  • For Sam Fox faculty or staff injuries, the employee should promptly notify their manager of the injury and self-report their injury directly in Workday. If unable to self-report, the manager, supervisor, or instructor in charge should report for them. 
  • For employed student injuries, the instructional technician or staff supervisor should report the injury in Workday and enter the student’s name. 

Workday Instructions

Visitors (sponsored by Sam Fox) or Students (in class, on premises, or off-site school-sponsored activities)

  • Promptly notify the Sam Fox instructor, supervisor or employee in charge during the incident. 
  • Sam Fox employee in charge is responsible for completing the Washington University Injury/Incident Reporting Form at this link to best of your ability.
  • Completed forms should be emailed to Karen Rose ( in the Office of Insurance and Risk Management and copied to Leland Orvis ( 

 For any issues of potential risk or injury concerns in Sam Fox School please contact Leland Orvis, Sam Fox School manager of facilities, at