Specialty Paper Plotting Procedure

The Whitaker Learning Lab has a process to facilitate studio based specialty paper plotting projects. Studios must have the need and use of a full plotting roll of material in order to do this.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Schedule time with Bob Chekoudjian, Technical Support Specialist, in the Whitaker Learning Lab. He will share with you the various papers available for the HP printers in the lab. We can only use the papers that are made for the HP plotters.

Step 2: Determine the amount needed. Typically the paper is 36 inches wide by up to 130 feet long depending on the selected paper. Each student in the studio will only be charged for the material they use through PaperCut as they plot, just like the normal plotting procedure. The studio as a whole must plan accordingly so that all students can plot and the majority of the roll is used up for the class. Plan accordingly so that all students can plot.

Step 3: Order material from vendor. As a rule of thumb, we suggest a two week lead time as not all papers are on hand at the vendor and may need to be ordered. Bob will order the material and let the coordinating student or faculty know it has arrived.

Step 4: Schedule time for printing. Studios have to schedule the exact time for printing in advance. Because all printers are network, they will have to be taken off line during the studio time. Emails have to be sent to the entire school not use the printer during the specialty printing time.

Note: Once the project is complete, the Whitaker Learning Lab will not keep any of the remaining material.