“The price of greatness is responsibility” – Winston Churchill.

NOTE: Please visit the COVID-19 section of our website for special information regarding limited access to shops in January 2022.


Students in the Sam Fox School have access to powerful, expensive and potentially hazardous equipment and technology. Sam Fox School supports an interdisciplinary approach to studio practice. Students are encouraged to create, challenge and develop new skills as makers, thinkers and doers.

Until a Sam Fox student has completed training by either faculty coordinators or the designated staff member on how to safely operate a machinery or tool, students are not allowed to use the equipment. Classmates are not authorized to train one another. Inexperienced/untrained students will not be allowed to work with a table saw, printing press or fragile photo studio equipment etc., without first learning how to safely and effectively operate the equipment. Safety first is the primary focus of the Sam Fox Shops. Regardless of a student’s familiarity with the equipment, all are required to complete SFS shop training and conform to Sam Fox School safety standards before using our facilities.

Equipment and shop orientations are offered at the beginning of each semester, students should proactively seek training early in the semester. Please do not expect a personal orientation shortly before a project is due. Individual and specific orientations are by special request and require advanced planning.

If a student wishes to use equipment that is not associated with a course they are currently enrolled in, the SFS student must first contact the appropriate professor, technician, or area coordinator. In order to ensure student safety, and for the safety of school equipment, it is mandatory that students receive proper training before using shop resources.

Shop and Studio Rules

  • Sam Fox students have 24/7 access to individual studio space, however, media specific shops close each evening. Students should plan a work schedule accordingly and follow standard building policies.
  • Adhere to installation policy and approval process
  • Scheduling of install/community spaces is required (EMS)
  • LOW VOC solvents only on third floor studios
  • Do not work in SFS shops or facilities when under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this includes prescription medication that prohibits the operation of vehicles/machinery.
  • Be mindful of security—students should never prop locked doors or let people in secured spaces that are not guests of Sam Fox or the student.
  • Carry your WUSTL ID with you at all times
  • Check email regularly for facility updates.
  • Shop Storage space is limited and priority is designated by the coordinators. If you have a studio, please house projects within your assigned space, in our shop/technical spaces
  • Spray Booths & Dust Collection
    • Dust is toxic, students should please practice environmental controls, spray only in designated spaces/spray booths and always use a mask.
    • Students should never leave debris/masking/paint cans in the spray booths
    • No flame or sparks in spray booth, paint filled filters are extremely flammable
    • Blue labels, bins, closed lids, containers
  • Students should follow the guidelines set forth by the area coordinators. Coordinators will relay studio policy. Students will receive email updates related to studio/shop availability, clean up and space specific matters.
  • SFS Shops and facilities are for enrolled and trained SFS students, staff and faculty. Guests of students and Sam Fox are welcome, however guests are not insured nor trained by Sam Fox staff and are therefore prohibited from working in shops or studios spaces.
  • At the end of the school year, your studios must be returned to the same condition as the student found upon arrival. Any materials left behind after move-out, will be thrown away.
  • Chemical Use / Secondary Containers
  • Liability Wavers

Area Coordinators

Painting: Associate Professor Jamie Adams  (jamieadams@wustl.edu)

Photography: Assistant Professor Meghan Kirkwood (meghan.kirkwood@wustl.edu)

Printmaking: Senior Lecturer Tom Reed (treed@wustl.edu)

Sculpture: Associate Professor Arny Nadler (anadler@wustl.edu)

Fashion Design: Associate Professor Mary Ruppert-Stroescu (mrupper@wustl.edu)

Sam Fox Shops

  • Caleres Digital Fabrication Shop
    • Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, CNC Milling, Electronics
      • Hours: 9am – 9pm Monday – Sunday
      • Access Contact / Technician: mbranham@wustl.edu
        • Laser Cutter Student Manager
        • CNC Mill Student Manager
      • Access –
  • Givens Shop
    • Wood, Metal, Plastics
      • Monday – Thursday: 8:30am – 10pm
      • Friday: 8:30am – 4pm
      • Saturday: 1pm-7pm
      • Sunday: 1pm-10pm
      • Shop orientation
        • General Wood Orientation Required – TECH
        • General Metal Orientation Required – TECH
        • Special equipment Orientations – TECH
  • Walker Shop (Teaching shop)
    • Wood, Metal, Ceramics, Plaster, Blacksmithing, Foundry, Papermaking
      • Hours:
        • Monday – Thursday: 8:30am – 10pm
        • Friday: 8:30am – 4pm
        • Saturday: 1pm-7pm
        • Sunday 1pm – 10pm
        • Shop orientations required
        • Wood – TECH
        • Metal – TECH
        • Ceramics – Prof. Arny Nadler
        • Foundry (course required) – Prof. Noah Kirby
        • Blacksmithing (course required) – Prof. Noah Kirby
  • Bixby 3D Shop (Teaching shop)
    • Wood
      • Hours:
        • Monday – Thursday: 8:30am – 10pm
        • Friday: 8:30am – 4pm
        • Saturday: 1pm-7pm
        • Sunday 1pm – 10pm
      • Access Contact / Supervisor of Labs and Program Coordinator – Bryce Robinson
      • Shop orientations required
        • Wood – TECH
  • Bixby Dubinsky Printmaking & Kranzberg Book Studio (Teaching studio)
    • Intaglio, Silk Screen, Collagraph, letterpress, Lithography
    • Hours: Print Studio / Book Studio
      • Monday through Friday: TBA Based on class schedules and monitor hours
      • Saturday and Sunday: 10am-8:00 pm during monitor hours

Access Contact / Technician – Tom Reed & Amelia Jones

Shop orientation is required

  • Bixby Fiber/Fashion Studios & Givens Textile Studio

A complete list of policies and hours of operation for Fashion Studio use is available online https://insidesamfox.wustl.edu/fashion-design-studio-policy/

  • Photo lighting studio (Teaching Studio) Photography studio
    Students must complete orientation to access the lighting studio. Details available here.

    • Hours are based on monitor availability and may vary during the semester
      • Monday 8am-10:30pm
      • Tuesday 10:30am – 10:pm
      • Wednesday 8am – 11pm
      • Thursday 9:30am – 8:30pm
      • Friday 8am – 10:30pm
      • Saturday 10am-11pm
      • Sunday 10:am-3pm
      • Faculty contacts/ Meghan Kirkwood & Drew Nikonowicz
  • Whitaker Learning Lab (eff. April 30, 2023)
    • Hours:
      • Monday 7am-12am
      • Tuesday 7am-12am
      • Wednesday 7am-12am
      • Thursday 7am-12am
      • Friday 7am-12am
      • Saturday 7am-12am
      • Sunday 7am-12am