Faculty Insurance Activity Form

Washington University provides insurance coverage for employees who are working within “the scope of their duties,” so long as there is a clear understanding and approval that the work being completed is part of the scope of duties. For faculty, research and creative practice activities that fall within the scope of duties must be clearly communicated and approved in advance in order to ensure coverage from the Washington University insurance policies. Only faculty who have research or service assignments as part of their contract are eligible for insurance coverage.

>>Download the Insurance Activity Form here.

University insurance policies cover both general liability (personal injury claims), as well as professional liability (the professional activities and services provided by architects, engineers, accountants, counselors, etc). University insurance policies will not cover any work taken on by an independent entity such as an LLC or non-profit. All initiatives and project proposals must be reviewed by administration to determine if insurance coverage can be extended.

Clarifications about University Insurance Coverage

Insurance for teaching and coursework. In general, insurance coverage covers all activities related to teaching assignments, provided that the general tasks being undertaken are included in the course description and/or syllabus, and your chair and director have been informed of your intended work.

Insurance for enrolled students. All students enrolled in a course and participating in approved course activities (as outlined in the syllabus) are covered under the University’s insurance policy.

Insurance for student employees. Student employees of the University, such as research assistants, are covered under the University’s insurance policy by virtue of their employment for services they perform as part of their University employment duties. Such student employees will be covered, however, only after they are officially active in the University’s HR system as employees. Washington University students, alumni, and any other individuals hired independently of Washington University, such as through an LLC or non-profit company, are not covered by the University’s insurance.

Other requirements beyond insurance. Additional expectations for working in partnership are outlined in Setting Expectations & Requirements for Engaged Projects. All faculty in architecture and landscape architecture must act in accordance with state licensure statutes and should review the Missouri Licensure Expectations in addition to other engaged project expectations.

For questions about this policy, contact the Research Office or the Office for Socially Engaged Practice.