Welcome to the Sam Fox Peer Mentoring Program!

The mission of the program is to foster professional and personal relationships among undergraduate students in the College of Art and the College of Architecture. Through both one-on-one relationships and group events, we strive to promote student health and well-being, studio culture, and professional and academic development. 

We provide opportunities for mentors and mentees to engage with each other as well as explore what the Sam Fox community has to offer. Activities range from events organized by the Peer Mentoring Program to those held by other organizations in the Sam Fox School.

Several examples include:

  • Group bonding activities and fun challenges
  • Studio pop-ins and coursework advising
  • Mentor-Mentee(s) program-funded lunch or coffee
  • Fox Friday workshops
  • Coffee talks with professors
  • Public Lecture Series

With activities such as those listed above, we hope to be able to provide an immersive experience for our incoming freshman class and transfer students. We look forward to welcoming you into the Sam Fox community!

For further information about the mission of the program, the roles and responsibilities of mentors, and the officers of the executive board, please see the Sam Fox Peer Mentoring Program Constitution

Meet the Peer Mentoring Leadership Team!

Christina Lee

BA in Design, Second Major in Chinese Language and Culture, Class of 2021

I’m interested in design principles surrounding web development.

Fun Fact: I enjoy playing whirlyball! 

Email: christina.lee@wustl.edu

Connor Merritt

BS in Architecture, Minor in Urban Design, Minor in Art History & Archaeology, Class of 2022

“Architecture is an expression of values.” -Norman Foster

Fun Fact: I’m on the club ultimate frisbee team, Contraband. Feel free to hit me up to toss on the East End sometime!

Email: connor.merritt@wustl.edu

Borler Wu

BS in Architecture, Minor in Psychology, Class of 2022

Design to me interacts with humans both consciously and subconsciously. I excitedly take part in the critical thought of exploring ways in which our built environment might foster nuanced experiences.

Fun Fact: I enjoy shooting archery at Forest Park. 

Email: borler.wu@wustl.edu

Leslie Liu

BFA in Communication Design, Minor in Human-Computer Interaction, Class of 2022

Likes: design, all sorts of music, urban sketching, bread, posters.

Fun Fact: I’m making butter in this photo. 

Email: liuleslie@wustl.edu

Mia Talkovsky

BFA in Communication Design, Minor in Educational Studies, Class of 2022

I’m a fan of drawing and nerding out about type.

Fun Fact: I love going for runs in Forest Park with Run Club.

Email: miatalkovsky@wustl.edu

Luciana Cheung

BA in Architecture, Second Major in Political Science, Minor in Religious Studies, Class of 2021

Striving to understand innovation as the rudimentary driving force behind mankind, and the human infrastructure that maintains said drive. 

Fun Fact: I took a selfie once with the French President Emmanuel Macron! 

Email: lcheung@wustl.edu