The Office for Socially Engaged Practice provides a hub and resources to support collaborative, socially engaged practices of art, architecture, and design that deal with systemic social, environmental, and economic challenges. View examples of recent initiatives.

This section of Inside Sam Fox provides information and resources to help support partnerships with individuals, communities, and organizations. For more information or support with your socially engaged initiatives, contact Matt Bernstine (

Guides and Resources

We produce guides called Blue Pages to help outline effective practices for working with individuals, communities, and organizations on socially engaged projects.

Funding, Jobs, and Fellowships

Check out the following opportunities for students:

Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement Opportunities (undergraduate only):

Other Campus Funding (undergraduate only):

Conferences and Organizations

Interested in learning more about socially engaged practice in your field? These organizations and conferences bring people together who are working to address systemic challenges through art, architecture, and design.

Additional Resources