College of Architecture

The College of Architecture offers a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture.

The BS offers a more intensive study of architecture during your senior year. You will take upper-level design studios focused on advanced building design, along with structures courses, architectural history/theory courses that emphasize urban design issues, and technology courses in environmental systems or landscape architecture.

The BA offers greater flexibility. Its strong, adaptable undergraduate curriculum prepares students for graduate study in architecture, usually for three years. During their senior year, students may choose to take additional architecture design studios, or they may pursue courses in other areas of interest.

These undergraduate degree programs offer students the opportunity to gradually focus their undergraduate studies within the college and allow them to make an incremental commitment to a career in architecture. Both programs prepare students to move on to a master’s degree, putting them on track for teaching and leadership positions in architecture and other related fields.

BS and BA degree requirements, Classes of 2020-2022
BS and BA degree requirements, Class of 2023-2024

College of Art

The College of Art offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Arts.

The BFA program is ideal for students who want to pursue careers as artists, illustrators, and designers. The BFA offers an immersive studio experience that culminates in the development of a capstone project for exhibition in your senior year. Majors include Art, Communication Design, and Fashion Design.

The BA program is designed for students who want a deep liberal arts experience that integrates a studio major. The BA does not include a capstone course or a final exhibition of work. BA students major in either Art or Design. The major in Art does not offer formal concentrations. Design majors may select a concentration in Communication or Fashion, or no concentration at all.

BFA and BA degree requirements, Classes of 2020-2021
BFA and BA degree requirements, Classes of 2022-2024