Welcome, Class of 2024!

We are so glad you are joining us this fall! Inside this blue-green box you will find all the information you need for Fall registration. Please ignore the other sections of this page–FALL 2020 and SUMMER 2020–as they pertain only to returning students.

The registration process is simple: 

  1. Read the Registration Welcome Letter and the Registration Instructions for the College of Art or the College of Architecture. You will receive these by email no later than Friday, May 29. Please read these carefully!
  1. Fill out your Registration Worksheet (RWS) on WebSTAC with your first and second choices for classes. Course listings are found on WUCRSL. To help you decipher all the letters and numbers you’ll see for an individual course listing, please refer to this diagram. Your RWS must be completed no later than Sunday, June 21.
  2. Contact your Four-Year Advisor as soon as your RWS is complete. They will register you for classes based on the input you provide. Please note that incoming Sam Fox students are not permitted to register themselves!

Please review the First-Year Student Computer Recommendations for the College of Art and the College of Architecture. These were sent with the registration materials you received by email in late May.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Sam Fox community this fall. Please reach out to your Four-Year Advisor with any questions!

FALL 2020

Dear Students,

This spring you will meet remotely with your academic advisor by phone or video. As in previous semesters, this must be done prior to your registration date in order to be authorized to register. Your advisor will be in touch with details about how and when to set up a meeting. In cases where talking with your advisor is impossible (e.g. due to time zone differences), your registration conversation may take place over email.

The Sam Fox faculty and staff look forward to working with you in the days and weeks ahead. Please reach out to John Early or your advisor with any questions or concerns. 

Registration dates by year:

Class of 2020: Tues., April 14
Class of 2021: Mon., April 20
Class of 2022: Tues., April 21
Class of 2023: Wed., April 22

Video: How to register for classes on WebSTAC

Please check the Academic Calendar for other important dates and deadlines.

Please visit here for important Academic Policy updates about withdrawals and pass/fail for SP2020 courses.


All information is for Fall 2020:

Registration Instructions
Elective List
Undergraduate Architecture FAQ
Bulletin Front Matter
FAQ concerning the Interim Amendments to Academic Policies


All information is for Fall 2020: 

Registration Instructions
New Courses in the College of Art
Art Electives*
Design Electives*
Updated Art Policies
FAQ concerning the Interim Amendments to Academic Policies

*Open to all students across campus


The Sam Fox School has amended its policy for Summer 2020 to allow online courses and/or those taken under the pass/fail option to count for requirements, as below:

Courses at Washington University

Registration for most summer courses can be done through ucollege.wustl.edu and do not require pre-approval. Please note that courses starting with an “L” department number fulfill Sam Fox School requirements. Courses with a “U” department number do not. For example:
L98 AMCS 228S – American Cultures: Investigating America listed under Arts & Sciences would count. 
U89 AMCS 403  – Seeking St. Louis: Power, Identity and Landscape listed under University College would not
Students in the College of Architecture may take L31 Physics 191 Physics I pass/fail. Calculus I, Calculus II, or Calculus III used to fulfill the Calculus requirement must be taken for credit.

Courses in the Sam Fox School

Registration for courses in the Sam Fox School will be handled by Aaron Akins, associate registrar. To be registered, you must email the attached SU2020 Sam Fox Registration form to aakins@wustl.edu.

Courses NOT at Washington University

ALL courses must go through the pre-approval process or no credit will be awarded. To begin the pre-approval process, you must email the SU2020 Transfer Approval for Non-WU Course form and supporting documents to crisbaldwin@wustl.edu.
College of Architecture students who want to take Physics must also submit the attached SU2020 Physics Transfer Approval for Non-WU Course form and supporting documents to crisbaldwin@wustl.edu. Note that this course also requires the approval of the Department of Physics and can require additional time so plan accordingly.