Welcome Sam Fox Class of 2028!

Below you will find copies of the welcome letter and registration instructions sent to you in late May by Aaron Akins. Much of this information is time-sensitive, so please read these documents carefully!

We look forward to meeting you and working with you to help select your fall courses. Please contact your Four-Year Advisor — Joseph Fitzpatrick or John Early — with any questions (you will be notified of your advisor assignment in late May).

College of Architecture:

Registration Letter
Registration Instructions
Tech letter from the Chair of Undergraduate Architecture
Computer Specs and Q&A

College of Art:

Registration Letter
Registration Instructions
Tech letter from the Director of Art
Computer Specs and Q&A

Additional Resources:

Course listings
How to read a course desciption
“Before You Arrive” (monthly summer checklist for new students)

For Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors only:

Course listings for Fall 2024 are live!

Registration dates by year:

Tuesday, April 16: Class of 2024 or earlier
Wednesday, April 17: Class of 2025
Thursday, April 18: Class of 2026
Friday, April 19: Class of 2027

Please check the Academic Calendar for other important dates and deadlines.

Video: How to register for classes on WebSTAC

College of Architecture
College of Art