Washington University offers a wide range of study abroad programs through other colleges including Arts & Sciences, Business, Engineering, etc. Sam Fox students are eligible to participate in those programs according to the enrollment requirements for each program. Doing a WUSTL study abroad program is common if you are pursuing a second major or minor in another program and wish to take advantage of their study abroad offerings. It’s likely that this study abroad program has other academic requirements and not a focus in art, architecture, or design. To receive academic credit for participation in a non-Sam Fox program, you must submit a written proposal and garner approval in advance of the study abroad program. Find out more below.

Choosing a Program

Students can find the full range of study abroad programs here: https://sa.wustl.edu/ Many have requirements related to second majors and minors. Read program descriptions carefully and contact the correct program coordinator with your questions.

Eligibility & Prerequisites

Each WashU program will have its own requirements. Read carefully in the program descriptions. In addition, Sam Fox requires that students:

  1. Have and maintain a 3.0 GPA, or meet the requirement set by the WU study abroad program, whichever is more stringent.
  2. Be in good academic and behavioral standing with the university
  3. Apply and be accepted to the WU study abroad program
  4. Submit proposal on time to Sam Fox School Special Programs Manager.

Be sure to read the Credit Policy before pursuing a WU Program.


Submit your Proposal to the Sam Fox School

Follow the application instructions for the WU study abroad program that you want to attend.(sa.wustl.edu)

In addition, you must submit a proposal to the Special Programs Manager and get approval. See deadlines below.

Proposal requirements are as follows:

  1. Meet with your Sam Fox Faculty Advisor to discuss your study abroad plans.
  2. Apply for your chosen study abroad program through sa.wustl.edu.
  3. Summary Page that includes
    1. your name
    2. student ID number
    3. name and email address of Sam Fox Faculty Advisor
    4. major, second major, minor
    5. expected date of graduation
    6. title and summary of WU study abroad program you intend to participate in
    7. dates of study abroad program
    8. credits you will earn toward your major, second major, or minor in that program.
  4. Name and course description of the class(es) you would like to count as Sam Fox credit. Include a completed Transfer Credit Form. Include syllabus for each course.
  5. Current transcript (unofficial is ok)

You will receive a response from the Special Programs Manager in response to your proposal. Keep this letter or email for your records and share a copy with your advisor and the Sam Fox School Registrar.

After you return, to have credit applied to your WU transcript, submit a transcript from your study abroad program to the Special Programs Manager and the Registrar of the Sam Fox School. 


For WU Summer Abroad Programs: Application due no later than 2 months before your program begins.

For WU Fall Abroad Programs: Application due by March 1 the spring semester before your program.

For WU Spring Abroad Programs: Application due by September 15 the fall semester before your program.

Email your proposal to courtney.cushard@wustl.edu


Financing is managed by the primary WU study abroad program. Contact the coordinator of that program for more details.


Preparation for study abroad is managed by the primary WU study abroad program. Contact the coordinator of that program for more details.

General preparation guidelines.