We produce guides called Blue Pages to help outline effective practices for working with individuals, communities, and organizations on socially engaged projects. You may find these tips to be helpful for working on other projects as well!

If there is a particular topic you are looking for, please let us know what you’re interested in. We’re constantly developing new content, and would be happy to consider your suggestions.

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Creative St. Louis Opportunities

A platform for designers, artists, architects, and other creative people to find out about the opportunities and needs of the St. Louis community. Features requests volunteers and contract work for artists and designers, including architecture, landscape architecture, graphic design, and more. Also includes events and resources external to WashU.

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Faculty Insurance Activity Form

Faculty with research assignments as part of their contract can use this form to seek insurance coverage for creative practice, research, or service endeavors.

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Missouri Licensure Expectations (College of Architecture Faculty)

Faculty must act in accordance with state licensure statute. This document outlines expectations related to licensure and engaged teaching, research, and creative practice.