Faculty and Staff Evaluation Protocols and Annual Due Dates

The following protocols outline due dates for faculty materials and annual activity reports as well as a timeline for faculty and staff evaluation.

All Faculty

Updated CVs and communications materials due no later than August 15.

All faculty, including full-time, visiting and part-time, will use a personal Box folder to upload the most current versions of the following: CV, headshot, biography, work samples, image captions, and personal website. Detailed instructions and Box links will be sent to faculty and staff in advance of the deadline. Contact the Dean’s Office with questions.

Tenured Faculty

Annual Activity reports for tenured faculty are due no later than September 1.

Directors and Chairs will meet with tenured faculty during the fall up to December 15 to complete an annual review.

Directors and/or Chairs will complete a brief cover page to attach to the activity report that will record the date of the review meeting and important notes from the conversation by January 15.

Tenure-track Faculty

Activity dossier updates for tenure-track faculty are due September 1. The activity dossier will include a record of all tenure-track activity with emphasis on activity since the last update. Please refer to templates provided by the Colleges of Art and Architecture.

Mentoring committees will meet with tenure track faculty continually through the year on a regular schedule determined by the committee.

Input from tenured faculty will be collected by the director in the fall semester to inform the director’s assessment of performance evaluation/progress toward tenure. A formal meeting of the tenured faculty and written comments will be the means for collecting input.

Directors will meet once individually with tenure-track faculty throughout the fall semester to share a verbal assessment. Faculty will receive a written performance evaluation letter by February 15.

Tenure-Track Mid-term Review

As noted above, the tenure-track activity dossier is due September 1. An updated dossier may be submitted March 1 for the mid-term review.

Mid-term review meetings are held by each college in the spring semester among the tenured faculty. Candidates will present their case to the tenured faculty. Candidates in the College of Art with a tenure-track start date before July 2023 will have the option to present their case or have the case presented by the mentoring committee.

A vote will be held in the spring and reported to the Dean by March 31 to ensure notification to the candidate no later than April 15.

Fixed-term Full-time Faculty

Fixed-term full-time faculty includes lecturers, senior lecturers, professors of practice, and visiting faculty. Teaching and service report is due January 30.

Chairs will meet with fixed-term, full-time faculty by March 31 to complete an annual review.

Chairs will complete a brief cover page to attach to the activity report that will record the date of the review meeting and important notes from the conversations.

Chairs will share reports with Directors.

Course Evaluations — All Faculty

Course evaluations for all part-time and full-time faculty will be reviewed annually by the director and/or chair.

Staff Self-Assessment

Staff assessments due by January 31

Sam Fox School and Kemper Art Museum staff will complete the self-assessment questions and share with their supervisors in December.

Supervisors will schedule a meeting to discuss the questions during the month of January.

Final reports with both the staff member’s thoughts and notes from their supervisor will be submitted to the Dean’s office by January 31.

Meetings will be held with supervisors/Dean in February to report outcomes so they may be taken into consideration for budgeting for the following academic year.