F20 ART 303B
Collage: History & Practice in Contemporary Art
Taught by Michael Byron       

M/W 8:30 – 11:20 am

Students will assemble an archive of images from various sources, found and self generated, to produce work based on specific themes.  This course will integrate collage practice with other visual disciplines.

Readings and discussion related to the course examine the evolution of collage and its present status and application within contemporary art production.

(The Age of Enlightenment # 3 10.23.2017 Byron)


F20 ART 113Q
Compositions in Clay
Taught by Andrea Moon       

T/TH 1:00 – 3:50 & 4:30 – 7:20 pm

Learn to create in clay!  Use clay as a material to push ideas, questions, and narratives of self-expression!  Practice the techniques of using this malleable material as you build projects that discuss your personal story while engaging in problem solving.  Learn basic hand-building techniques to create sculptural constructions, the practical applications of wheel throwing through form & function, and explore ceramic tools and equipment to create installation projects.  Broaden your understanding of clay as a viable medium of visual expression and three-dimensional exploration.  ( below Christine Erives, clay and to the right April Felipe, clay)

F20 ART 217P
Drone Photography
Taught by Meghan Kirkwood

T/TH 2:30 – 4:00 Lab 4:00 – 6:30

This combination studio and discussion-based course examines the use of small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) — otherwise known as drones — as a photographic medium. Studio sessions will introduce students to sUAS operation, various editing platforms, and output strategies. In order to ensure equal access to sUAS, students will be required to meet outside of class sessions (for flying time) intermittently throughout the semester–once a week from mid-September to late October. Students must register for either Subsection A or B.

F20 ART 113I
Metal Fabrication
Taught by Noah Kirby

 T/TH 8:30 – 11:20 am

Have you ever wanted to work with metal? Does welding sound like fun to you? Have you ever wanted to work with the materials that are at the core of our built environment? Do you want to be part of humanities creative industrial heritage? If your answer is yes, then the Metal Fabrication class is for you? In Metal Fabrication class you will learn how to weld metal together. You will learn about layout and design for folding and forming shapes. You will workwith materials and processes that are at the core of our modern constructed environment. In this class you will explore the plasticity of metal through a wide range of processes and techniques.


F20 1183A
Digital Photography
Taught by Jennifer Colten

M/W 1:00 pm – 3:50 pm

This introductory level course will explore digital technology for capturing, enhancing and producing still lens-based images. The course will address basic digital camera operations, the visual language of camera-generated images, computer workflow and the connoisseurship of digital image output. The course assumes no prior knowledge or experience with digital imaging technologies or materials. Students must provide a digital. (photo Teun Hocks, Untitled(Man on Ice) 2003-2014)


F20 ART 117N
Contemporary Portraiture
Taught by Mary Borgman                                                                                     

M/W 8:30 – 11:20 am

Historically, portraits were painted of the royal or wealthy to document an accurate likeness and display status and power. But with the advent of photography, artists were freed to develop interpretations in style, process and medium. With subjects such as family, friends, strangers, celebrities, or self, the portrait has been used to reflect culture, identity, and the relationship between the artist and sitter. Issues of race, sexuality, gender, vanity and status continue to be relevant to contemporary practice. Primarily a drawing class, students combine the study of contemporary portrait artists with a studio practice that encourages development of a unique voice. (photos left Albert Leng FL 19 and above Olga)


F20 ART 251A
Sound Environments
Taught by Monika Weiss

T/TH  8:30 – 11:20 am
Sound Environments explores sound and musical composition in digital format, functioning as a sculptural, spatial, psychological and architectural intervention. The course offers an introduction to current sound art practices and examines how sound projects are capable of altering our sense of space and time. Sonic Space necessarily touches upon experimental music and installation art as closely related to sound art. The course introduces students to basic methods of sound recording and editing software and hardware with a goal of composing sound works for space and for headphones. (photo Annea Lockwood)

F20 ART 311U
The Language of the Moving Images
Taught by Richard Krueger

T/TH  1:00 pm – 3:50 pm

This course will examine the language of moving images, which includes—among other elements—shot construction, sequencing, duration, sound integration, scale, and situational contexts. Through screenings, readings, lectures, discussions and critiques, students will develop the skills required to interpret moving images and to think about their productions, which may utilize forms other than video or film and include installation components. Not focused on technical approaches, creative work will be driven by individual concerns and may be accompanied by written analysis.(photo  Rosefeldt)

F20 ART 114H
Taught by Noah Kirby

T/TH 6:00 – 8:50 pm

Does the idea of heating up metal and shaping it with a hammer sound fun to you? Have you ever wanted to create hand made tools for your BBQ? Would you like to explore the creative possibilities of working at an anvil? Blacksmithing may be the class for you! In the Blacksmithing class students will learn how to heat metal in a forge, hammer it at an anvil, and shape it into decorative and functional forms. This class introduces you to the he fundamental processes, tools, and techniques of hand forging metals. Students will work through simple, direct process to create forms of their own design.  They will learn how to effectively move metal into shapes and cultivate the connection between mind and hands.




F20 ART 217M
Architecture Through the Photographic Lens
Taught by Jennifer Colten                                                                             

M/W 5:00 – 7:50 pm

This course provides technical and conceptual frameworks for understanding architectural space as seen through the camera. Topics include building as site, landscape as context, and the architectural model as a representation tool. Students are introduced to a wide range of artists and architects, helping build a unique camera language to support their individual projects. Students will learn DSLR camera basics, fundamentals of Photoshop, digital printing techniques and studio lighting for documenting architectural models. The course assumes no prior experience with digital imaging technologies or materials. Digital camera required. (photo Robert Adams, Mobile Homes, Jefferson County, Colorado)


F20 ART 385B
Beyond Words, Beyond Images: Representation After History
Taught by Monika Weiss        

W 4:00 – 6:50 pm

The seminar focuses on art in the public domain and examines contemporary practices that engage public memory and meta-city. Prompting students to consider their own practice in the context of public space, the seminar offers examples of projects contributing to global cultural and political discourse. Weekly illustrated lectures, readings, writing assignments, screenings, discussions, and individual research lead towards the final term paper. Individual studio consultations serve as a platform for the discussion of student’s evolving practice, leading towards the final project in a medium of choice. MFA VA candidates and graduate students in architecture are especially welcome. (photo Sylvia Kolbowski)



F20 ART 315
Taught by Sage Dawson                                                                     

T/TH 6:00 – 8:50 pm

Screen-printing, relief, and intaglio techniques covered in this workshop oriented course. An emphasis on multi-layered and mixed media prints, color, and experimentation will be explored. All students are encouraged to use the class as a way to discover new things about print media, whether as beginners or as individuals wishing to deepen their practice. (print by  Buruck SP 18)





F20 ART 309B
Eco Art
Taught by Cheryl Wassenaar                                                              

T/TH 1:00 – 3:50 pm

Eco-art explores the intersection of art, ecology and ethics. Though the movement is broad and growing, Eco-art re-envisions our relationship with the natural world by informing, challenging, inventing, and reclaiming. This studio-based course introduces various artistic practices and working methodologies related to environmental art, exploring “green” methodologies, repurposed objects, land art, ecoventions, social sculpture, and community activism. The course is organized around art historical precedents, and is supported by critical essays and examples of contemporary practice, including discussion of eco-design and sustainable architecture. Projects are open to multidimensional solutions in a wide variety of media. (photo by Paul Ramirez Jonas titled “Public Trust”)

F20 ART 287A
Social Practice Art (SPA)
Taught by Juan William Chavez                                                                    

M/W 1:00 – 3:50 pm

Social Practice Art (SPA) is a course for artists, designers and architects. This studio class takes an interdisciplinary approach to establishing how interaction/discourse can be a tool for social transformation. SPA is work that may use audience participation, collaboration, ephemera, and activism as a medium to emphasize the aesthetic of co-creation.