Welcome to the Sam Fox School! This page has been created to help introduce new students to the various resources related to Information Technology (IT). Feel free to peruse the student section of the intranet or additional resources page.

Virtual Tour of Spaces

IT has various spaces that service printing, scanning and audio visual among other support. In this brief video tour we give you a sense of our types of spaces and resources.


Printing is a large part of design and visual arts and there are various steps to starting to print depending on your needs and type of computer you have. We encourage you to start by visiting this page for all detailed printing instructions. Do not wait until the day you have to print. You should test out your printing as soon as possible.

IT Help Desk Ticket

Sam Fox School IT primarily supports Audio Visual (AV) and Printing technology. However, we work with WashU IT and TechDen to help in all situations.

Student Technology Services

WashU has two student technology resources that can help with all types of technology and computer help for residential and non residential students. Check out this page for phone or email to contact. Additional info about computers and support is at this site.

Contacting Sam Fox IT Staff

Sam Fox School IT Staff are able to meet one-on-one for technical help.  Follow these instructions to schedule time using the Microsoft Office Email Scheduling Assistant.

BOX File Storage

Students, faculty, and staff are provided with a Box storage account for saving and backing up files.

WiFi & Network Connection

All interior space are covered with WiFi connectivity. To access Sam Fox School network resources, you must use the “wustl-encrypted-2.0” WiFi network.


To book a Sam Fox School classroom or critique space you must use the Reserve-a-Space system at this link. The Reserve-a-Space system will allow you to book a space at the desired date and time for a meeting, event, or academic use. Reserve-a-Space will be open to make reservation requests starting on Tuesday, September 7.


All students at the Sam Fox School are provided with Adobe CC each year for $56.50. All students receive emails at start of the year with information about logging in. If you have not please go to this link for FAQ’s about the program, dates, and how to ask for help.

LinkedIn Learning Tutorials

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning company that is FREE for all Sam Fox School students, faculty, and staff. It helps anyone learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

Computing & Printing Labs

Various computing and printing labs are located throughout the Sam Fox School.


Students, faculty and staff are provided with a Microsoft Office 365 account that includes email and much more.